About Us

While brainstorming the idea of Big Times News, the objective was clear – to serve the readers with authentic news content. We do not want to be just another site that adds to the archive of the internet. The technology has empowered human lives. It has served people with more than expected. However, it has also increased spreading fake news and serving biased opinion. Keeping these things in mind, we decided not to alter any journalistic standards and not to fabricate the ethics and morals of news. Hence, we developed few guidelines and a filtration system that would cross-check the information for its authenticity.

At Big Times News, we cover only a handful of categories. The editorial board at Big Times News takes utmost care that the news is covered by professionals who have served the particular industry for years and have rich experience in the field they write. Big Times News has business, health, technology and science categories. The reason for having these categories is the change making things that are happening in these sectors. In addition, we also cover hybrid content that has a blend of technology and business industries. This is because we believe that these two categories have been relating to each other quite lately.

Big Times News does not entertain any sort of click baits and unwanted ads. The sole purpose of this site is based on the concepts of unbiased and reliable journalism. The team at Big Times News is professionally skilled who want to build a platform for expression. Also, the content is structured in such a way that you can conceive the information within a matter a few minutes. Purposely, we have restricted the word count to 300 or more words so that you can get the information in an understandable format and can check the details in a matter of minutes. So, don’t miss anything worth reading.